Your Tour


Your dream tour in Northern Tanzania is about animals and nature, where volcanoes are the centerpiece! We will organize, with our partner companies, your personalized tours axing on these two topics.


– Day 1: A two hours drive takes you from the city of Arusha to Tarangire National Park, the “elephant park”. You will spend the night at the luxurious Ecoscience lodge and its science center

– Day2: In the morning you receive a detailed geomorphology(the science that explains the landscapes) course which includes many topics like the structure of the earth, the different types of rocks, types of lava, the continental built up and movement , and of course an introduction to volcanism. A field lab is on site.

In the afternoon we will visit an authentic Maasai village, and on the way, we will see some of the features you learned about in the morning, plus the inevitable animals crossing our path.

Those who are not interested in “going to school”, can return to the National Park, or just stay and relax at Ecoscience , and enjoy our fabulous fusion-Mediterranean cuisine.

– Day 3: After a morning walk, and a delicious lunch, you drive to Ngorongoro (you will have learned something about it!), where you stay over at one of the classic lodges.

– Day 4: You will spend the whole day exploring the Ngorongoro Caldera with its fascinating wildlife.

– Day 5: Today you continue towards the Serengeti national Park. On the way you will visit the Olduvai gorge, home of the famous austrolapitecus boisei.

-Days 6 and 7: During these days you will understand what the word “migration” means. Thousands of wildebeest, zebras and antelopes move North-South and vice versa, under the attentive eyes of lions, cheetahs and hyenas.

– Day 8: Unfortunately today you drive back to Arusha and the airport. Your next action is to tell your friends how fantastic this part of the world is! And we are happy we were part of your experience!

We can organize several trips of a very special nature, for those who want to learn and who are not afraid of a physical effort. These trips will be accompanied by a scientist!

For instance we can organize a volcano trip, where you will be part of “living science”

A) After a first night at Ecoscience,in the morning you receive a detailed geomorphology course which includes many topics:

– structure of the earth
– different types of rocks, types of lava
– continental built up, movement and introduction to geophysics
– the fault systems and sedimentary basins in Northern Tanzania
– introduction to volcanism

In the afternoon we study, in detail, volcanic features of the Northern Tanzanian Divergence.
This 1 day will give you a basis to go on the field and see part of what you have learned

B) After the second night at ECOSCIENCE, we drive to the lake Natron area. On this day you will see many volcanic features you learned about the day before:

– some impressive volcanoes like Kitumbeine, Essimingor, Kerimasi
– tuff cones/rings, explosion craters, ash cones
– great faults
– lava types

C) On the third day, we continue our field trip , see some more volcanic features, learn how to use a geological map, and at night, we will climb Ol Doynio Lengai, the world’s only active carbonatite volcano. This climb is very demanding!

D) The fourth day we return to ECOSCIENCE or you continue your trip towards the Serengeti.
Depending on the weather and other factors, this trip can be slightly different, like maybe climbing the volcano at the end of the second day.

This is a trip which has to be organized well in advance!