Beginning of March ’17, Ben Beeckmans organized an excursion of 4 days to the Lake Natron Area for students of the Nelson Mandela Institution.

The aim was to study the many volcanic and geologic features the area has to offer. Information was given about general volcanism and volcanic risk assessment.

The participants were:

Joyce Elisadiki, Agatha Wagutu, Isack Kandola, Talam Kibona Enock, Mahamed Haji, Edikafubeni Makoba, Chacha Nyamboga and Pascal Christogon

.From left to right: Chacha,Talam, Edi, Agatha, Ben, Joyce, Isack, Mohamed, Pascal

From left to right on the picture: Chacha Nyamboga,Talam Kibona Enock, Edikafubeni Makoba, Agatha Wagutu, Dr. Ben Beeckmans,Joyce Elisadika, Isack Kandola, Mohamed Haji and Pascal Christogon.


Annexed a report of the excursion

Rift valley-Northern Tanzania excursion report