Prof. Paul Coppo, a french medical doctor(#) has a passion for african beetles for the last 15 years. His interests go particularly to the east-african species, which are still not known that well. 1500 of them exist, not all have been studied and some have to be discovered yet.

Dr. Coppo studies these beetles,  which  live in elephant dung. Actually the diversity of beetles, like the Heliocopis Dilloni in the picture, reflects the quality of the bio-mass of our environment and the good health of the ecosystem in a moment when the impact by human activities and climate changes have important consequences on these last wild african biotopes.




(#)Professeur Paul  Coppo

Service d’Hématologie – Centre de Référence des  Microangiopathies Thrombotiques


Filière  MARIH (Maladies Rares en Immuno-Hématologie)

Hôpitaux Universitaires de l’Est  Parisien et Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6)